Women In SFF: Forgotten and Ignored

Back in the days when this blog was called something else, I used to write a series called Publishing and Marketing where I would talk about some of the issues in the industry that were either systemic to a degree or something that I had personally seen. That was more than four years ago however, and partly because of my absence from the blog, that series has passed out of mind. One of the issues I raised in it however, has persisted, rather annoyingly and insultingly.

Yesterday I was made aware of a venn diagram that was being passed around on social media, one which positioned George RR Martin at the center as the focal point of all of fantasy fiction and extrapolated other fantasy authors in different labels such as “soldiers”, “horrors”, “jokers” etc. The glaring omission of course were female fantasy authors with only Robin Hobb getting a mention at the intersection of “horrors”, “builders” and “lovers”. Suffice to say, there’s been a lot of eyeballs on this in the last 2 days and there were some points I wanted to make about this ridiculous diagram.

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Dharmasankat: A Crisis of Faith

About four years ago I was fortunate to get a short story published in an urban fantasy anthology that came out via a small press. At the time for me it was a huge success as I’d been deep into my writing projects at the time and it was a huge confidence boost. There were some decent reviews for the anthology here and there, but from what I can tell there were some missteps from the people handling the project in terms of the marketing and promotion. And I never even saw a single penny from the project either. That was not a confidence boost. Combined with some other things that were happening at the time, it was just a really bad stretch, the details of which are now irrelevant.

Earlier this year I resolved to get back to my various projects, and as part of that I am posting the short story here on the blog now. There’s a sequel to this that was written before this, called Dharmayoddha: A Warrior of Faith which has also languished. I’ll be working on it some more to refine it. In the meantime, enjoy Dharmasankat!

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