Garro: Burden of Duty by James Swallow (Audio Review)

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Garro by James Swallow (Book Review)

I started listening to the Black Library audio dramas back in September 2011, well after they’d been established as an important by the publisher. Ranging from stories set in Warhammer Fantasy Battles or the various shades of Warhammer 40,000 the audio drama series have definitely carved for themselves a niche among Black Library’s many products. None however have been as enjoyable as James Swallow’s stories featuring Nathaniel Garro, once a captain of the Death Guard legion and then a Knight-Errant for Imperial Regent Malcador following the Isstvan III treachery. Garro is the collected edition of all these audio dramas and also includes a brand-new novel, telling the story of Garro’s journey from being a legionnaire to a legion of one.

Note: This review contains some spoilers.

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The Damnation of Pythos by David Annandale (Book Review)

Getting back into the Horus Heresy series after such a long break has been a great experience. Legacies of Betrayal and Garro: Vow of Faith helped ground me and remind me of many of the ongoing storylines while The Crimson King continued the story of the Thousand Sons and Magnus. It also helps that you can jump back-and-forth between novels given how many narratives are in play and that certainly is key for a returning reader since you are not bound to a specific reading order. And in that respect, The Damnation of Pythos by David Annandale is a good example since while it continues a narrative introduced in the Veritas Ferrum micro-short, it is also a standalone. It is also one of the most bleak stories in the series, very intense and emotionally draining even, which fits right in with the horror of the Horus Heresy.

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Dune by Frank Herbert (Book Review)

This review was originally posted on The Founding Fields, here, where I got my true start as a reviewer. Frank Herbert’s Dune is a science-fiction classic and for me, a foundational read in my teenage years that has shaped much of my reading over the last decade and a half. I’ve reread the novel many times and it always holds up, even now in these times. It challenges you like few other novels ever will. Enjoy!

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Legacies of Betrayal (Book Review)

For someone who was once as invested in the Horus Heresy as I was before I took a break from all reading, coming back to such a vast trove of stories is made easier when you have an anthology the likes of Legacies of Betrayal to ease you back in. Full of reprints of short stories, micro-short srories and audio dramas and novellas, Legacies covers the length and breadth of the ongoing Horus Heresy, giving you a great snapshot of what terrors are being wrought across the Imperium and the futile-seeming efforts of the heroes to stave off the worst. Highly recommended, especially if you need to ground yourself in the hows and whens and whats.

Note: This is a longer review than usual since there are nineteen stories of varying length in the anthology. Settle in for a long ride.

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Carcharadons: Red Tithe by Robbie MacNiven (Book Review)

The Warhammer 40,000 universe is incredibly vast in terms of its scope and the material it thus covers. From one edge of the galaxy to another, from current events to those ten thousand years ago, there is a lot of potential to explore. That is where Robbie MacNiven’s Carcharadons: Red Tithe is set. This first novel in what is hopefully going to be a series seeks to turn into fact some of the myths of the Carcharadons Astra Chapter of the Space Marines. Robbie’s tale is one of dour heroism matched against cruel barbarity and is a fantastic introduction to one of the most mysterious of the all the Space Marine Chapters.

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Star Trek: Legacies Trilogy (Book Review)

On September 8, 2016 the Star Trek fandom marked a significant milestone, the 50th anniversary of Star Trek: The Original Series, the groundbreaking show that changed television and science-fiction forever. In fact, all of last year was dedicated to this celebration in a number of ways, such as the release of multiple novels from Simon & Schuster as well as the release of the third movie in the rebooted franchise, Star Trek: Beyond. It is indeed a celebration like none other because what Gene Roddenberry and others created all those years ago still has huge ramifications for all of us.

The Legacies trilogy is part of this grand celebration, bringing together fan-favourite writers like Greg Cox, David Mack, Dayton Ward and Kevin Dilmore to present a riveting story that goes all the way back to the core history of the series itself and features none other than Number One. An away mission gone-wrong in hostile territory, a promise fulfilled after eighteen years, interstellar conflict, spies and espionage, Legacies has everything that has come to define Star Trek over the years and is a great series to read, even for any newcomers to the franchise.

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