12 Days of Best Covers of 2014: Day #8

The eighth book cover I pick for the 2014 edition of “12 Days of Best Covers of…” is actually not for a novel, but an audio drama. Written by Nick Kyme, Horus Heresy: Censure is the continuation of the tale of Sergeant Aeonid Thiel of the Ultramarines, who was awaiting censure by the Primarch Guilliman for his many insubordinations when the traitor Word Bearers launched their sneak attack on Calth and the rest of the Veridian System. Though it was released last year, I didn’t get a chance to listen to the audio until this year, and it proved to be a very good one too. Nick picked up the story from Dan Abnett’s Know No Fear novel from 2012 really well, and showed how things are at Calth now, in the present, presenting an interesting look at one of the Astartes who would go on to change the way the Ultramarines thought about almost everything when it came to making war.

The eighth set of comic covers I pick this year are for Ms. Marvel #7 by G. Willow Wilson, Jacob Wyatt, Ian Herring,  and VC’s Joe Caramagna with the cover by Jamie McKelvie and Matthew Wilson, with the second one being Wayward #1 by Jim Zub, Steve Cummings, John Rauch and Marshall Dillon with the cover by Steve and Ross A. Campbell, and the third of the set is for Life With Archie #37 by Paul Kupperberg, Fernando Ruiz, Pat & Tim Kennedy, Bob Smith, Gary Martin, Jack Morelli and Glenn Whitmore. The first of these is of course from one of my absolute favourite new series of the year, through which writer G. Willow Wilson pretty much revolutionized young superhero comics. Kamala Khan has to be the most awesome new character to debut in superhero comics this year, and I love reading her adventures month after month. Wayward is one of Jim Zub’s latest new projects and he has been rocking it out on all levels, especially with the fantastic art provided by Steve, John and Marshall. And Life With Archie #37 is, of course, the issue that followed on from the landmark Life With Archie #36, in which the titular hero died. These series has kind of been an alternate-verse storyline that has also been quite progressive in many ways, and though Life With Archie #37 might not be THE issue where Archie died, it is set a year later and is a nostalgia trip of epic proportions as many of the most iconic characters of the Archie-verse talk about him and celebrate his life.

So without further ado, hit the break to see all the covers in their full glory! The full list of all these covers is available here.


Horus Heresy: Censure by Nick Kyme, Gareth Armstrong, Seán Barrett, Martyn Ellis, Chris Fairbank and David Timson

Cover Art by Neil Roberts

Why: Neil Roberts has delivered some truly amazing covers for the Horus Heresy series in the last few years, and this cover for Censure stands amongst his best for what it shows: Aeonid Thiel with an Imperial Army trooper from one of Calth’s many regiments. The ash-wastes of Calth in the background, along with the system’s angry, devastating sun, it creates a very distinctive image that wouldn’t be out of place as a poster for a post-apocalyptic movie.

Helpful Links:

Ms. Marvel #7 by G. Willow Wilson, Jacob Wyatt, Ian Herring,  and VC’s Joe Caramagna

Cover Art by Jamie McKelvie and Matthew Wilson

Why: Jamie and Matthew have delivered some great covers for this series, though I think that they didn’t really hit their stride until this cover. Part of an arc that saw Wolverine come to Kamala’s neighbourhood on an errand, the arc saw the two becoming great friends with a mentor-mentee relationship going on, and I think that is subtly reflected in this cover, and I just love Logan and Kamala’s expressions. Something to cheer you up!

Helpful Links:

Wayward #1 by Jim Zub, Steve Cummings, John Rauch and Marshall Dillon

Cover Art by Steve Cummings and Ross A. Campbell

Why: This was a creepy cover, I’ll admit. The way it is set up, with all those cats with their glowing yellow eyes, you can well imagine that something spooky is going on in Tokyo, and you wouldn’t be wrong, once you start turning the pages for the story. A good cover is one that sets the mood for the story within, and a great cover is one that does exactly that with finesse, which is what this is.

Life With Archie #37 by Paul Kupperberg, Fernando Ruiz, Pat & Tim Kennedy, Bob Smith, Gary Martin, Jack Morelli and Glenn Whitmore

Cover Art by Cliff Chiang

Why: Cliff Chiang’s covers on DC’s Wonder Woman were among the best I saw in 2012 when I started on the series, though I dropped off that title after a while. And this cover for Life With Archie #37 is definitely the first I’ve seen from him in a long, long while. So different a style, and yet, this is totally Chiang. Plus, I like the remembrance thing going on here with Betty and Veronica standing solemn in the background while Jug has a burger with his best friend. Almost brings a tear to the eye this one does.


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