12 Days of Best Covers of 2014: Day #7

The seventh book cover I pick for the 2014 edition of “12 Days of Best Covers of…” is for Star Trek: The Poisoned Chalice by James Swallow, which is the fourth novel in last year’s The Fall quintology, itself a series that is a part of the larger Typhon Pact mega-arc in the setting. James carried on from David Mack’s excellent A Ceremony of Losses in this novel, and the story he told, focusing on William Riker and Tuvok, among other characters, totally pulled me in. There’s a larger story at work here of course, and I’d certainly recommend reading from the first novel in this series, Revelation and Dust by David R. George III, which is a bit of a rough start, but builds up towards the end and the other two novels after that, The Crimson Shadow by Una McCormack and David Mack’s A Ceremony of Losses are all damn good reads.

The seventh set of comic covers I pick this year are for Death Vigil #1 by Stjepan Sejic, with cover by him as well, and the second of the set is for Grimm Fairy Tales #99 by Joe Brusha, Joel Ojeda, Stephen Schaffer, Eric Arciniega and Jim Campbell with the cover by Artgerm. Death Vigil is Stjepan’s first full work in that he is the writer and artist both, and he has been absolutely fantastic on this series. Month after month he’s delivered a great story and even better art, and the title is definitely among the best of the debuts this year. Grimm Fairy Tales #99 is basically one of the keystone moments of Zenescope’s massive Age of Darkness crossover event that has been going on for more than a year already, and it sets in motion some of the biggest events of the crossover, and is a prelude to the big… defeat of the Realm Knights themselves, the guardians of all the different Realms that connect to Earth in Zenescope’s reimagining of various fairy tales and folk tales and other myths and legends.

So without further ado, hit the break to see both the covers in all their glory! The full list of all these covers is available here.


Star Trek: Typhon Pact: The Fall #4: The Poisoned Chalice by James Swallow

Cover Art by Tobias Richter

Why: I’m a huge sucker for space opera covers with spaceships on them, and this cover by Tobias Richter fulfills my criteria well enough. It looks rather iconic too, in a way. The story is awesome of course, but the cover art is definitely aces as well and gives you a sense of things hanging in the balance, the calm before the storm so to speak. Well done!

Helpful Links:

Death Vigil #1 by Stjepan Sejic

Cover Art by Stjepan Sejic

Why: If a single word is asked of me to describe this cover, I would say goofyawesome. Because that’s what this cover is. It looks so damn goofy and also awesome, because of that. The characters in the foreground are pretty much the protagonists for this series by Stjepan and I think he manages the capture the attitudes of these self-same characters pretty well in the cover.

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Grimm Fairy Tales #99 by Joe Brusha, Joel Ojeda, Stephen Schaffer, Eric Arciniega and Jim Campbell

Cover Art by Artgerm

Why: It is not as if the line-work on this cover isn’t good, which it is, but the fact that the colours are so incredibly rich and vivid and amazing that makes this one of the best covers I’ve seen all year. Featuring the Dark Queen Lucinda of the Dark Horde, this cover pretty much says all of what her larger plans for the Five Realms are and what she is going to do to them, which is what the internal narrative is all about.

2 thoughts on “12 Days of Best Covers of 2014: Day #7

  1. Age of Darkness cover. Seriously? Yes gorgeous colours. But that woman could not be more deformed if she was drawn ‘on purpose’ with two arms of different lengths – one impossibly short, and one ridiculously long! and an arch to her back that makes her torso impossible and and her breasts the most unreal things to grace a cover – since Spiderwoman’s arse.


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