Sensation Comics #16 (Comics Review)

After some really good opening arcs, some of the recent issues of DC’s digital-first Sensation Comics Featuring Wonder Woman haven’t exactly been good tales, hence why I’ve avoided reviewing them as well. I just can’t focus on stories so damn boring and pedestrian. All the same, I think this title is still good because of the variety of the stories, which is what is missing with the main Wonder Woman title itself, the recent soft reboot of which was rather disappointing in all ways. Thankfully, things are different this week.

Sensation Comics #16 is written and drawn by one of my favourite duos in the industry, and they turn out a pretty damn good tale that is the first in a three-part arc, which is pretty awesome in itself. The new arc sees Diana sent to Apokolips on a vital mission for her mother and I love this opening third of the story. It features Diana in some of her best appearances yet, and also has some strong art from artist Gabriel Hardman, who doubles as the writer with Corinna Bechko. Absolutely magnificent issue I say.

First of all, I love the artwork by Lawrence Reynolds. It is as different in its style as the internal art has been for the series with the previous issues, and I love it. Featuring Diana front and center when Superman is in the same frame as her? That’s pretty damn excellent. And I like that she looks so ready to kick ass, being even more intimidating than her friend in the background, who is seemingly kicking some ass himself.

The story here is about Diana being sent to Apokolips by Queen Hippolyta on an urgent mission. I like the overall concept of the story since it shows a very different side to the characters and also helps expand on the relationship between Themiscyra and Apokolips. With rumoured reports of Darkseid preparing for another invasion, it is up to Diana to confirm it all and find out what has happened to two of her missing sisters who were sent to that accursed world.

What I really loved was that Diana gets to fight three of Apokolips’ Furies in this issue, women who serve Darkseid and are among the best elite fighters that the infernal self-styled god has. It is a pretty awesome action sequence in its execution, definitely among the best on this entire series. The best thing however, really, is how Corinna and Gabriel portray Diana and Hippolyta. With Diana, we have seen some really strong portrayals so far while Hippolyta has largely been relegated to the sidelines. That kind of happens here again, but we have a good start with the two women, and I love the regal outlook on Hippolyta, as a Queen of action and wisdom, while Diana is the strong and confident warrior who is both a diplomat and also a cunning warrior not above using a bit of deception to get to where she wants to go and to see whomever see wants to see.

That’s what we want most from this title right?


And then the thing is, there is a lot that happens in this issue, from the moment that Diana gets her mission to her confronting the Furies and then the surprising cliffhanger at the end. Makes for a tense and exciting read, I can tell you that. Every page you are just waiting for something big to happen, and then something big does happen indeed.

The ending is a big, big cliffhanger, and it has me really excited to see what is going to happen next week, when we get the second part of the story.

As I said above, Gabriel is the artist on this issue, with colours by Jordan Boyd and letters by Saida Temafonte. Gabriel and Jordan’s style is very different to that of other artists on this series and it is also one of the best that I’ve seen. It is a bit free-flowing in its execution, and that works well with the kind of story being told here. And the action scenes are all grand and flashy, just as I expected them to be given that Gabriel is the artist here. He really brings the same kind of energy to the title that I saw from him on Star Wars: Legacy and I really couldn’t be happier.

An excellent start to a new arc!

Rating: 10/10

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