Hexed #3 (Comics Review)

Boom Studios’ Hexed, from Michael Alan Nelson and Dan Mora is one of the best new comics on shelves right now, and with good reason. It stars three incredible female character who are awesome in all sorts of ways, particularly the protagonist Lucifer, and it also has a really cool premise the likes of which is perfect for the medium itself. The first two issues were incredibly good, whether you talk about the writing or the art, and I foresee the series making its way onto several best of the year lists by the end of the year. It is just that good, and it is definitely going to make it on mind.

Hexed #3 continues the story of Lucifer caught up in the other-world where she got trapped a while back, even as her mentor Val Brisendine carries on in the real world, with the aid of her secretary Raina, who is new to all the kind of weird and freaky that Val and Lucifer are a part of. Recently, a major villain found his way into the real world and both Lucifer and Val are trying to stop him from doing too much harm. It is a great setup and Michael Alan Nelson’s story/script have definitely been great, same as the art by Dan Mora and Gabriel Cassata has been great, with Hexed #3 being the best of the series till now.

It is quite fair to say that I was blown away by Hexed when I read the first issue back in August, and then the second issue last month. It has been a surprise new comic, doing something very fun and interesting with the urban fantasy genre, and Michael Alan Nelson has turned in some of his best work to date with this series. It really makes me wish that he was still on Supergirl for DC, when he wrote 4-5 issues last year, marking a great upward trend for the series as far as I’m concerned.

Either way, back to Hexed. Lucifer killed herself to get into the Shade to hunt down the villain Yves a while back, and she is still stuck there, trapped by something she didn’t quite understand. And in the real world, Val and Raina ended up going against Yves directly, even as his sister (I guess?) Madame Cymbaline was hunting him down since there’s some real bad blood between the two of them. It all creates some really great drama that Michael is quite skillful at navigating and he focuses on all the characters over the course of this issue, giving them each the time to develop and progress towards their goals, bit by bit.

Some of the best moments in the issue were when Madame Cymbaline finally spoke to one of her men, in spite of the fact that she has taken on a vow of silence that we haven’t seen her break yet. She is seemingly able to commune telepathically with one of her men, someone who seems to act as her right hand, of sorts, but the mystery of her silence is being built up quite nicely, and I think I may know why it is so.

But that’s not the major thing here. Not really. The major thing is that Yves is loose in the real world and he is gathering power for a big push against Madame Cymbaline, and the fact that Lucifer is the heir to the guardian of the gate to Shade (and more, the Harlot, it is something that he is intent on using for his own benefit. The characters are all intertwined quite nicely and Michael is headed for a great showdown very soon, something that is going to be very fun and exciting, and cathartic even, to watch.

Dan Mora is the artist of course, and Gabriel Cassata is the colourist with Ed Dukeshire on the letters and Emma Rios on the cover. I’ve said before that I loved the artwork on the series, and that holds for this week’s new issue as well. It really is incredible, with the standout moments being any scene with Madame Cymbaline or with Lucifer while she faces down a major villain in the Shade. There’s something really pleasing about Dan’s linework, and Gabriel’s colours, and there is even a strong sense of positivity here.

Given how the issue ends up, I can’t wait to read the next issue!

Rating: 9.5/10

More Hexed: #1-2.


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