Sensation Comics #8 (Comics Review)

The first six weeks of Sensation Comics Featuring Wonder Woman have been pretty darn good. Some classic-style stories with often classic-style art as well is what the title has been all about and I love it for that fact. It is different in a great way from the regular ongoing Wonder Woman series, and that’s the big thing. Last week’s #7 didn’t really work for me, in that it was very heavy-handed in its message and it was just boringly written, decent-enough art aside. With the whole 3 digital issues are a single print issue however, this week’s issue was something I was very interested in.

This week’s issue of Sensation Comics is very different from all the stories that we’ve seen before. This one sees Wonder Woman and Etta Candy teaming up to fight against Ra’s al Ghul and his League of Assassins. And midway, we get to see Deadman aka Boston Brand joining the fight as well. Neil Kleid tells a pretty fun story here, with no bells or whistles or frills and he just keeps the story rolling wherever it goes. It is unhurried and it just takes the time to let the reader have fun. And the art by Dean Haspiel is also great, very cartoony all the way through and simplistic, but fun.

Wonder Woman plus Etta Candy plus Deadman versus Ra’s al Ghul is a great concept. The object of contention between the heroes and the villain is a stolen purple ray device and that’s what the story revolves around. I must say that I was quite surprised by the story here since I was expecting something a bit more forceful in terms of content, but that’s not the kind of story that Kleid wants to tell here. He mixes in the above characters and what he comes up with is something unique in so far as the rest of the series is concerned, and hearkens back to the old simple days of short self-contained stories that were often quite campy as well.

One of the things that stood out here in this continuity-free story is that this is the first meeting between Boston and the two female leads. This then leads into Wonder Woman’s incredulity about the existence of ghosts since the Greek mythology of the afterlife is very, very different to what the American society (and indeed Western civilization in general) believes in, and there is a nice back-and-forth between the two on the topic. In that respect, Boston has a great central role in the story, but Kleid still keeps things focused on Wonder Woman, and that’s completely appropriate since Wonder Woman is the star of the series anyway.

Ra’s is a nice Saturday morning cartoon villain here, and while Kleid doesn’t get to do much with him in this one-shot story, he still shows some good points that can be built on at a later time should Kleid come back to the series, and that’s something that I’m looking forward to at some point. The camp in the story can sometimes be a bit overbearing, but you just have to roll with it, in my opinion since it is over quickly there in the end, and things kind of end up going back to normal with the heroes having won the day yet again.

Etta Candy doesn’t get to do much in this issue, but she is definitely around for some lovely ass-kicking and that’s the strength of her fighting skills in this issue. And once Deadman possesses her body, things kick up a few notches further for some really interesting discussions between Wonder Woman and Deadman.

The art in this issue is by Dean Haspiel, with colours by Allen Passalaqua, letters by Saida Temofonte and the mind-blowing cover by none other than Adam Hughes himself. As I’ve said, the art is rather cartoony and it brings to mind the old cartoons and the early days of Superman in the pages of Action Comics. That’s a good thing I think, since it keeps the spirit of the series alive and also manages to be a surprise at the same time. A double benefit as it turns out. Dean’s Wonder Woman and Deadman are definitely warriors indeed.

Next week’s issue is also going o be another stand-alone issue, and that’s something I can’t wait for. For now, there is Sensation Comics Featuring Wonder Woman.

Rating: 8/10

More Sensation Comics: #1, #2, #3, #4, #5.


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