Unity #9 (Comics Review)

Aliens and superheroes is a concept that mixes really well, as some 75 years of comics from the Big 2 has proven. Superhero comics today form the biggest share of the market and with good reason, they are the staple of the form after all. Occasionally creators go the full distance with this, as Valiant Comics has done in recent weeks with its Armor Hunters series, tying together its X-O Manowar and Unity titles, at the least. It has proven to be a good time for Unity in particular, a series that started last year, and with Matt Kindt’s writing and Steven Segovia’s art the overall experience has never been better.

While Armor Hunters deals with all the big moments, Unity has been dealing more with the little things that inform those big moments. This past week’s Unity #9 is proof of that for it doesn’t move along the Armor Hunters story forward but instead has Livewire question her origins, show Ninjak and Eternal Warrior getting their violence gig on in London, and MI-6’s top coordinator Mr. Alcott get ever more frustrated with current events. With all the little moments, Matt Kindt is at his best here, and the same can be said for Steven Segovia and Co. where the art is concerned.

As mentioned above, there are three storylines here. The first of these deals with Livewire as she finally gets some time to process some of the recent events such as Unity’s second arc where the team went up against the self-cloning supervillian Dr. Silk who made some pretty big revelations to her. The second is much more action-oriented as Ninjak and Eternal Warrior fight off the Armor Hunters’ attack dogs in London to keep some semblance of peace in the metropolis even as it all goes to hell. The third deals with Alcott and ties into Ninjak and Eternal Warrior’s story, but instead gives us a very human and real cost o the ongoing event.

Matt Kindt’s exploration of Livewire’s origins was beautifully executed. As she says herself, recent events have moved pretty damn fast, and she has had barely enough time to understand just how her life has changed and what’s next for. First she was asked to join Unity by Harada and went up against X-O Manowar, and then the team went up against the genius of Dr. Silk who made her question herself. It was all pretty damn good and now we see the fallout of it all. The final execution of this arc, in the last couple pages is lacking a bit, but this was a solid arc.

Ninjak and Eternal Warrior have turned out to be a good comedy routine in this series and Matt Kindt continues that tradition in this issue as the two of them exchange a lot of friendly banter that almost comes across as serious and even makes Ninjak take a pause now and then. Plus, we get a very interesting look into Gilad’s background via flashbacks to early 14th century Ireland. Matt Kindt ties in the flashbacks and current events together a bit flimsily, but it is all interesting nonetheless, giving us a peek into the immortal warrior.

Then we have the brief look into Alcott’s private life, and though it does serve to inform a bit more on Alcott as a person, this brief arc also highlights what kind of a price humanity is paying to keep Aric alive and defying the Armor Hunters. Alcott isn’t the hardass that he projects after all. He is human underneath all that bluster and bravado. I liked that quite a bit.

Steven Segovia does the pencils here, with Brian Reber on colours, Dave Sharpe on the letters, and Mico Suayan, Segovia and Diego Bernard on the cover. The art in this issue is a bit rougher and darker than the norm, and it kind of reflects the characters’ moods, for they are all in dark places right now, fighting off against tough odds. Really nice synergy between the art and the script here. Segovia’s action scenes are superb in this issue, and are quite possibly among the best I’ve seen to date in comics. And Reber, well, Reber is A-OK as usual, no doubts there.

With a slightly more promised focus on Bloodshot for the next issue, this issue ends on a great note, and I can’t wait to see what’s going to happen next month. Things are getting really interesting now and Armor Hunters is turning out to be one hell of a ride.

Rating: 9/10

More Unity: #1, #2, #3, #4, #5-6, #7, #8.


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