Silver Surfer #3 (Comics Review)

With Norin Radd aka Silver Surfer being one of my favourite Marvel characters, thanks in no small part to the aborted Silver Surfer animated series, I was pretty excited when the first issue of a new series featuring the Surfer came out. It proved to be as great as I expected it to be and the second issue that followed soon after proved to be just as good, if not more so. Dan Slott and Mike Allred seemed to have nailed the craziness of the character completely and their final result has made this hot new series a must-read monthly. Absolutely must-read.

At the end of Silver Surfer #2 we’d seen that some of the lies told by Zed had been laid bare and that things were progressing rather quickly for both Surfer and Dawn Greenwood, racing against the clock as they were. Dan Slott continues in that same vein for this new issue that came out today and he rounds up this first arc of the new series with a pretty little bow. In all the complications he certainly never loses sight of the grand and the epic, and that’s just wonderful to see here, captured so well that it is by artists Mike and Laura Allred.

Dan Slott starts off this issue on a very melancholic note as he gives some context to the relationship between the lovers Never Queen and Eternity, and he does it in a very classical-type of grand space opera style, something that I believe lies at the heart of Marvel’s cosmic stories from the many years previous. And we also get to see just how Zed built the Impericon in the first place and none of it is pretty, to the mind that is, because visually this was all a feast for the eyes.

The dialogue in this issue seems a bit formal and cliched at times, but those are few and far in between, because by and large Dan Slott’s writing is damn good here. We see some good clashes between the various characters and none are more interesting than Dawn trying to fix the Never Queen while Silver Surfer bargains with the mad Zed and then attacks him outright, failing all other options. This is definitely the Norin Radd I know from previous comics, or even the animated series, and that’s a big boon as far as I’m concerned.

But Dan doesn’t leave Dawn hanging either. He gives her far more of a spotlight than I expected and she definitely does a great job of wrong-footing the Silver Surfer at every time. This plays very well into the rest of the story and we see a nice bit of subversion of a classic trope in the end as well, which Dan Slott pulled off to great effect. Dawn, if she sticks around for a good long while is a character introduced for the first time in Silver Surfer and she has quickly become one of my favourites by a considerable. After all, she did lead a very successful revolt and she gives Surfer lip even though he doesn’t get the full context of any of it.

As much as I loved the characterisation of both Norin Radd and Dawn Greenwood, we also got to see some of the sporting cast and it looks as if things are still in development here. This is the end of the first arc, so things are indeed quite grand in and of themselves, and that means that the series up until now has been very good. Dan Slott’s magic is at work again!

As before, Mike Allred is the main artist here with Laura Allred doing the colours and VC’s Clayton Cowles doing the letters. And the cover, which is just delightfully weird the same as the previous covers, is done by Mike and Laura, which shouldn’t be a surprise. The artwork in this issue is as great as the artwork on any of the previous two issues, and the rendition of Eternity is just magnificent here too. The pencils are clean and fluid, the colours are varied and eye-popping, and the overall effect ends up being rather superb.

A great first arc to the new series and hopefully things continue as much for the next few issues.

Rating: 9.5/10

More Silver Surfer: #1, #2.


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