Future’s End #4 (Comics Review)

DC Comics’ latest weekly series Future’s End has been going strong all month. When I first heard about it, I didn’t expect much, but that opinion changed around pretty quickly once I picked it up and stared reading. Right from the zero issue released on FCBD this year, this series has been very promising and has delivered on my expectations week after week. Seriously, I really wish that this was an ongoing series because I love what all the writers are doing, and the way that they are doing it. This is how an event comic should really be done I think.

Future’s End #4, released today, continues to set up the whole event that is happening here. We get to see some more of Tim Drake this time, even as Lois Lane is hot on his heels. We get to see lots more of the Grifter this week around and it certainly isn’t pretty. We get to see some C-list villains cooking up a big storm that is no doubt going to go really bad. We see Frankenstein break into SHADE HQ and demand to know what the hell is going on. The writers have done a great job once again and the art is pretty much superb this week with two of my favourite artists working on this issue.

Future's End 004By now, I am finally familiar with the premise that the events of this series take place five years from the current DC timeline. A war with Earth 2 has happened in these intervening five years and lots of superheroes and supervillains have either disappeared or died. The series always strikes a somber note and that was especially true in this issue when we see Tim Drake’s subplot unfold as he goes for a run with his new friend Madison. To see how much this particular character has changed from his days as Red Robin is quite a revelation, as is the whole mystery behind what caused him to change to much.

Then we have the subplot involving Frankenstein which, I think, is one of the best things about the entire issue. Last issue, we saw that he’d been attacked by SHADE-bots, presumably, and he decided to head back to his former masters and demand to know what is going on. He does exactly that in this issue and the revelations of the what and the how are quite startling, in part because it marks the debut of two new characters to this series, one of whom is depicted on the cover already. All of this ties into the previous subplot about the Stormwatch and I’m really excited to see where this goes. Frankenstein’s dialogue is a bit iffy this time, but not such a big deal really.

The other two subplots in this issue are brief, but interesting nonetheless. The first of these deals with some really low-level villains who are looking for the big score and we see what they plan to do, although not the how. This was interesting in part because of the characters in these particular pages and because this is a new subplot. The second deals with Cole Cash aka Grifter as he sets out to do his usual thing: hunt down daemonites disguised as humans and make sure that they all die. Things go belly-up for him this time though, and this was another moment of shock and surprise since it came out nowhere. And now my curiosity is really piqued because Grifter is a character that I like and I can’t wait to see what happens to him next because of that. Gonna be a long ordeal that’s for sure.

Doing the art on this issue are Aaron Lopresti as penciller, Art Thibert as inker, Hi-Fi as colourist and Taylor Esposito as letterer with Ryan Sook doing another awesome cover for the series. Aaron Lopresti and Art Thibert are two of my favourite artists in the business right now and in this issue they show off all their mad skills. There are so many different characters that they get to play with here and along with Hi-Fi the two of them do a straight-up awesome job. Their Frankenstein and Grifter and Tim Drake are especially good. I want more!

Another great issue and the series definitely gets points for consistency this time.

Rating: 9/10

More Future’s End: #0-1, #2, #3.


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