Sinestro #2 (Comics Review)

Among all of Hal Jordan’s various enemies, the one that has really stood out for me is Thaal Sinestro, who was once the greatest Green Lantern to have served in the Corps, until he turned traitor and went on to become a mortal enemy to all Green Lanterns and founded the Sinestro Corps. Over the years, the character has really come into his own, especially under the age of Geoff Johns’ epic run on Green Lantern and last month DC finally gave in to giving the character his own solo series. The first issue was pretty damn good fun and it almost hit all the right notes for me.

Released last week, Sinestro #2 is just as good as its predecessor, if not better, because it has much better action for one, as far as I am concerned. And second, this one shows just how dangerous and powerful Sinestro is, which is something that is very intrinsic to the character. He can always surprise the hell out of you and that is exactly what writer Cullen Bunn does on this issue. Not a whole lot of character development, but what we get to see is great. And the artwork by Dale Eaglesham and Jason Wright is just too good here.

Sinestro 002

Thaal Sinestro who could be best described as a narcissistic sociopath, but then I guess that might be part of his appeal too. He isn’t a comedy character like Lobo, but he’s definitely super self-confident and that goes a long way towards getting me to like him as a character. Because he is someone who knows the webs of power around him, who can manipulate them and other people as a result. And he is powerful, as he so aptly displays in this issue to the Sinestro Corps, the men and women from across the galaxy whom he brought together to fight eternally against the Green Lanterns, driven on by hatred and the ability to cause fear.

In his first issue, Cullen Bunn showed a very different side to the titular character, and in this issue he does something different. Sure, most of this issue is just a long action sequence as Sinestro takes on his own Corps and defeats them all, but interspersed between all those action scenes are those with character development, the scenes where Sinestro becomes less the narcissistic sociopath and more the capable and solid leader the Sinestro Corps has needed, or will need. Sinestro’s “education” of his rogue corps is perhaps one of the best moments of the entire issue, and is certainly among the best that we’ve seen in all of the character’s appearances so far.

What Cullen Bunn really gets across in this issue however is that Sinestro is a master of manipulation. He needs the Sinestro Corps on his side again and they need to acknowledge him as their leader. And he will do whatever it takes to make sure that that happens. Right from the start, this version of Sinestro is always at the forefront of the story, right till the end when he gives order to his Corps-members, and they obey without question. And as he says to Lyssa later on in the issue, he needs control of the Sinestro Corps more than he needs their loyalty.

Sinestro has always been a right bastard and this issue is no different in that regard. Cullen Bunn seems to have a really good handle on the character and he makes every bit of the character’s dialogue come across as creepily self-assured and totally right. If Sinestro lived a life of fleecing people out of their money, he’d be a great player at poker, I think.

Dale Eaglesham and Jason Write return for another exciting installment of Sinestro and they are joined once again by Taylor Esposito, who does the letters. There were significant improvements in the artwork this time around, but the real hero here is all the work that seems to have gone into creating the constructs from Sinestro’s ring. They are absolutely awesome and badass both and despite the fact that yellow is such an over-used color in this issue, all the visuals and all the characters do stand out to be better than they said they were.

I’m really hoping that the only way for Cullen Bunn & Co. to go from here is go bigger and better.

Rating: 9/10

More Sinestro: #1.


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