Trailer Thoughts: The Flash (Teaser)

Last year, during its two-parter mid-season finale, CW’s Arrow introduced us to the first live-action Flash in a long, long time. Barry Allen, a forensics scientist for the Central City Police Department, came to Starling looking for clues as to the murder of his mother during his childhood. Arrow had just shown off a villain powered up on the mirakuru serum and for some reason, Barry was of the idea that this could all be linked to his mother’s death. This set off some of the best moments of Arrow‘s season 2 as Grant Gustin made his debut on the show, and the mid-season finale pretty much ended with him getting hit by lightning even as the shockwave from the burnout of a particle accelerator in Central City hits his offices. Rest is history.

CW, in their great and infinite wisdom, just released a teaser trailer for The Flash, which was given the go-ahead last year around the same time that the Arrow season 2 mid-season finale aired and because the episodes had gotten a lot of favourable feedback from viewers. I mean come on, the first appearance of The Flash on a television show in like, more than two decades? And not just that but on a gritty show like Arrow where superpowers have generally been toned down or not directly referenced? And now we have the Scarlet Speedster in all his glory? CW and DC Entertainment and Warner Bros. made the right call here, I think. Doubly so since the teaser trailer ROCKS.

The Flash Teaser Look 0001The above is one of the first images that CW released as part of its The Flash promo campaign, showing off Grant Gustin’s look as The Flash. And I loved it. I’m not super into The Flash comics, and I certainly don’t have all that much of a history with the character, but I loved this costume. It is the traditional red, albeit a bit darker, and it has a good face mask and it has those “lightning ears” that Barry’s costume is so famous for. What more could you want really? I loved the look from the moment I saw it, although I did have some reservations about it since this is a very small profile look. What I really wanted to see was the total look you see.

But that doesn’t matter so much because a lot depends on how the showrunners for The Flash deal with Barry himself and how they make his powers work. That was the big mystery. They had to go the route of not holding back on the CGI etc because Barry does have superpowers and there’s no way you can escape that, the way that the showrunners did for Arrow where Black Canary doesn’t have a powerful Canary Cry as a superpower but instead uses tech gadgets in the same way that Batman uses his gadgets and Green Arrow uses his trick arrows. So that was the big question for me, and this first teaser trailer pretty much answers that for me. Plus it has Stephen Amell as Green Arrow, so it is already awesome. Barry Allen’s entry just makes things like a hundred times better on top of that. Icing on top of the icing on the cake or something like that.

Check it out:

Ok so, the trailer isn’t really all that substantial. It is pretty basic and it just has Ollie shooting off an arrow at a target sheet locked on a tree and then Barry zooms in out of nowhere to stop the arrow just before it hits. Some people would say, what’s the point of that. They would be missing the point altogether. The point isn’t to give you a substantial look since this is a teaser trailer. And the point of this trailer, the way it is shot, is to show you that they’ve got Barry speedrunning the way only The Flash can! I mean, just look at that CGI and cinematography. I’ve already seen the trailer like a bajillion times and I still can’t get enough of it.

They show how Barry speeds off, they show the whole lightning thing that plays all over him as he is running, and the look on Grant Gustin’s face is pretty damn awesome too. The guy is Barry Allen, and the enthusiasm is certainly infectious, wouldn’t you say? When last we left off the character in Arrow he was in a coma and being cared for by two STAR Labs scientists, Caitlin Snow and Cisco Ramon. Caitlin of course is someone who eventually becomes the supervillain Killer Frost and Cisco eventually becomes the superhero Vibe. I mean seriously, this show is packing quite a bit of awesome, and if the big trailer, whenever it hits, holds up as much as this teaser trailer did, then I’ll be extremely happy.

First Shots Of Grant Gustin Wearing 'The Flash' Costume

And the show also has Iris’ cousin Wally, who was once Kid Flash and then later become Flash after Barry retired and has also been The Flash from the get go alongside the “big” members of the Justice League in several different adaptations. The show just keeps getting better and better the more I hear about it, and it is like a drug to see The Flash coming together so well for CW. They’ve had incredible success with TEN seasons of Smallville which started off as a show for a teenage Clark Kent as he eventually became Superman, and now they’ve had incredible success with Arrow. With DC having already greenlit several more of its properties across various networks (Hourman, Constantine, Gotham etc), I’m really hoping that The Flash succeeds as well. Television, whether live-action or animated, is where DC dominates Marvel, and I don’t want to see that change any time soon, especially since Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD has proven to be so lackluster, and the finale this week was especially disappointing.

Either way, this teaser trailer has made me excited for The Flash like I wasn’t before, and I’m really hoping that today’s Arrow season 2 finale is going to have some teaser as well, maybe Barry getting out of his coma! That would be an amazing start.


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