Silver Surfer #2 (Comics Review)

Last month Marvel kicked off its latest Silver Surfer series in a grand fashion. Penned by Dan Slott and drawn by Mike Allred, Silver Surfer #1 happens to be one of the best new series that Marvel has launched for its All-New Marvel NOW! launch-phase. The first issue had it all: great story and great art. It was humorous and packed with tons of action. It had character elements, and it had a mystery. It had a possible galactic threat, and it focused on some everyday challenges. In short, it was great, and I loved reading about Norin Radd like this. The flavour of the character is definitely there.

Silver Surfer #2 picks up from where the first issue left off and it goes further to explain the mystery that the Surfer faces at the moment. He has to save a place called the Impericon from the Never Queen and to ensure that he does exactly that, the ruler of Impericon summons the one being that the Surfer cares about the most, only this person is a girl from Earth whom the Surfer has never met before. Quite a baffling story, in the best way possible. Dan Slott’s writing is aces and Mike Allred’s art is on top-form as well.

Silver Surfer 02Dawn Greenwood is an average girl from Earth who just happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. Even she doesn’t know what she has to do with being the one person in the universe that the Silver Surfer cares about, but then again, she has no idea what she is doing on the Impericon any way. Put in a prison cell, albeit a comfortable and… cheery cell, she is nevertheless intent on getting out and halfway through the comic she does exactly that in one of the most cartoonish moments I’ve seen in a comic. Or perhaps a deliberate reference to the early days of comics when the stories were simple and effective, with many flourishes and some really cheesy moments.

And that’s something that Dan and Mike have been pretty good about. Silver Surfer is pretty much a laugh riot, whether we talk about the story or the dialogue, although the latter is, in the main, the reason why this book is so humorous. Dan focuses on some really weird ideas in this comic, and through that he shows just how weird and terrifying and deeply mysterious the universe really is. After all, it has to be, since this is the universe that contains a being like Galactacus and a being like the Never Queen, who is the main antagonist here in this novel.

Something else that is great about this issue is that Dan Slott plays up the whole weird cosmic angle of the Marvel cosmic. I loved how wonderfully weird this whole comic was. This is something that Dan doesn’t stint on, fully committing himself to it. Whether it is the scenes back in the Impericon as Dawn breaks out of her prison using some really creative methods or when Silver Surfer goes up against the Never Queen and some really cosmically weird dialogue happens, which was fun to read all the way through.

Thing is, these are the times when I really love being a comics reader. I love the serious stuff like Fantastic Four and Black Widow, but then there are books like Silver Surfer and Amazing Spider-Man which totally changes things. They go grand and epic with their ideas and they really explore the fantastical. That is something I’ve always loved about Silver Surfer as a character and now that’s what I love about Dan and Mike’s Silver Surfer.

Mike Allred does the pencils for this issue with Laura Allred providing the colours and VC’s Clayton Cowles providing the letters. As with the first issue, the artwork here is excellent. The cosmically weirdness of the story is fully evident in the artwork. Its just so much… fun. No criticisms of it in any way. The “sights and sounds” of the universe? I love them. They are one of the big reasons why I love this comic, and I can’t see ever going back. This is a comic by Mike and Laura Allred and that’s that.

Overall, a great second issue for a brand-new awesome series.

Rating: 9.5/10

More Silver Surfer: #1.


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