Tomb Raider #2 (Comics Review)

After reading Tomb Raider #1 last month, I finally got it in my head that I just had to go and play the game. I was fully into getting it, but that didn’t pan out like I planned. However, I did manage to play the game at my cousin’s for about a solid hour during my trip to India earlier this month, and you know what, it was pretty fun. Amazing visuals, really tension-packed story, and so on. And after reading Tomb Raider #2 just now, I gotta say that I am slowly beginning to understand the story of what is happening, though Gail is still holding a few cards close to her chest.

The new issue, released today, picks up directly from where the last one left off. We met some of her supporting cast from the (new) video game in that issue, and now we get some more insight into others as well. Plus we see some more facets of the mystery surrounding why Jonah wanted to kill himself and get a whole load more development on Lara herself, all of which was near perfect. The art felt a bit off though this time, mostly in terms of facial expressions.

Tomb Raider 02This issue starts off with a flashback scene on the Endurance, the ship that Lara and her friends were on before they were shipwrecked on the island that completely changed all their lives. While initially odd, the scene quickly develops into one where we see more of the friendship between Jonah and Lara. It is one of the most heartwarming scenes that Gail has written to date, and is entirely in keeping with how she writes most of her comics. Scenes like this are her forte, especially when they are over such simple things as food, as is the case here.

Then the story switches immediately to the present and we see Lara try and make her way out of her current predicament. When the first issue ended, I was quite shocked because it was something totally unexpected. And now, we see how it all plays out, how Lara saves both herself and her friend, and faces down a minor antagonist who wanted to take advantage of her current predicament. All through this, Lara keeps the story moving at a good clip, and she never slows down so that the reader gets bored or anything. There is constant tension in the story and it keeps things lively.

From there on, we get to see Lara do a bit of globe-hopping, which feels a bit weird but is in keeping with her nature as a tomb raider, or treasure hunter. The story jumps around a bit too much and it confused me, since I wasn’t able to keep all the characters straight in my mind. But still, I enjoyed all the revelations that I was getting. And whereas the previous issue was almost completely focused on Lara herself, in this issue we get lots of scenes from the perspectives of other characters, whether Lara’s allies or villains.

And most of all, we get to see the return of the Solarii as well, and their return is tied into the mystery of how and why Lara seems to have lost some of her memories. Memories that she is desperate to regain so that she can understand what really happened to her on the island toward the island. We begin to see some hints of a much larger conspiracy, and that’s great to see too because I would really like to see a more expanded world in this comic, and more ties to the game as well.

As with the last time, we have Nicolás Daniel Selma on the pencils, with Juan Gedon doing the inks, Michael Atiyeh doing the colours and Michael Heisler doing the letters. And the cover is done by Dan Scott. The art here is pretty much on par with the previous issue, but I felt that Selma’s facial expressions could use more work for sure, because they felt either inconsistent with what the story for that panel was or they just looked odd, almost exaggerated. Other than that, no real complaints. The inks and colours were both spot on all throughout. Given how dark generally the game was, the comic is quite different, and I love that contrast.

Overall, the comic is still in the decent range, and it still shows a lot of promise. Hopefully, it will improve even more with the next few.

Rating: 8.5/10

More Tomb Raider: #1.


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